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Portuguese-Canadian-Swedish collective LUSITANIAN GHOSTS releases invigorating new single 'Shameless'
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Shameless - Lusitanian Ghosts

LUSITANIAN GHOSTS, the trans-Atlantic alternative neo-folk collective, unveils 'Shameless', a poignant composition exploring love, regret, and the power of reconciliation.
This captivating track offers a tantalizing glimpse into their forthcoming album, 'Lusitanian Ghosts III', set to release in autumn.
'Shameless' follows their acclaimed debut single, 'The Long Train', leaving an indelible mark on listeners with its uplifting energy.
With 'Shameless' as a testament to their artistry, LUSITANIAN GHOSTS is set to leave an indelible mark on the alternative music scene.
Be prepared to be transformed as you embark on a soul-stirring journey with LUSITANIAN GHOSTS and their upcoming album.
The Projectors Release Indie Rock Debut LP
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The Pprojectors - Golden Age

Experience a sonic time warp with The Projectors' debut LP, as this Victoria, Canada indie rock group fearlessly embraces the spirit of early "aught-rock." Channeling the raw energy and infectious hooks of bands like The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys.
The Projectors deliver a collection of unapologetically nostalgic tracks that will transport you back to the golden era of indie. With their unyielding passion and unmistakable authenticity, this talented ensemble proves that the spirit of a genre never truly fades. Get ready to rock out and rediscover the magic of early 2000s indie with The Projectors' mesmerizing debut.
Italian ALAN new Single "Nero" out now.
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Alan - Nero

introducing Alan, an Italian music duo comprised of Alex Malaguti, the vocalist, and Andrea Chirico, an arranger and multi-instrumentalist guitarist.
With a combined experience of over 20 years in the Italian underground music scene, they have cultivated their unique sound and artistic vision. The genesis of their project took place during the first lockdown when they engaged in online creative sessions, driven by a shared desire to address contemporary issues through music. Their compositions touch upon a wide range of themes, including politics, civic responsibility, emotions, and human relationships, inviting listeners to engage in reflection and introspection.
In May 2021, they released their debut single "Tempi bui," which achieved significant success by reaching number 30 on the independent charts as a self-produced single. This was followed by the release of "Storia Perfetto" in January 2023. Now, they present their third single, "Nero," which serves as a teaser for their upcoming EP of the same name. With their innovative approach and thought-provoking music, The Alan is poised to captivate audiences and make a meaningful impact in the music industry..
Econoline Crush Are Back With New Single “No Quitter” And Canadian Tour.
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No Quitter - Econoline Crush

In moments of despair, when the weight of mental-health struggles and profound grief becomes overwhelming, it's not uncommon to feel the urge to surrender.
However, Econoline Crush, the enduring rockers from Vancouver, offer a powerful antidote to that longing through their dynamic, vibrant, and impassioned new single, "No Quitter." This compelling track serves as a preview from their upcoming album, "When The Devil Drives".
This song is a positive musical wave that opens the way to the reflection that everything is possible if we believe in ourselves, with each other.
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Racism Out - E-CLIPS

"E-CLIPS", a band inspired by the Woodstock Generation, has released a powerful song that addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time: racism. The song, aptly titled "Racism Out", is a rallying cry for unity and equality, urging listeners to stand up against discrimination and hate.
With lyrics that are both poignant and inspiring, "Racism Out" delivers a message of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity. Drawing on the band's own experiences and influences, the song combines elements of rock, funk, and soul to create a dynamic and unforgettable sound.
Through their music, E-CLIPS seeks to inspire positive change and promote social justice. "Racism Out" is a testament to their commitment to using their art as a force for good, and a reminder that we all have a role to play in creating a more just and equitable world.
Mark Wihlidal and the Doctors of Music from Oshawa Ontario Canada present "You and Me"
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You and Me - Mark Wihlidal and the Doctors of Music

A soulful melody exploring the aftermath of a broken relationship and the concept of Karma, where actions have consequences and what goes around eventually comes back around.
Doris Chiotis is a singer from Athens, Greece
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Rainfalls - Doris Chiotis

Doris's sound is a unique blend of multi-genre and multilingual vocal skills that is sure to captivate audiences. Keep an eye out for this rising star, as she is poised to take the music world by storm!
Dj Osiris present latest song
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Dj Osiris - Loly Phabay

Dj Osiris from Romania presents his newest song "Loly Phabay". A fresh melodic and ethnic sound. Have a listen and be ready to be moved by the melody.
Alan are back with the single Storia perfetta
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Alan - Storia Perfetta

Storia Perfetta is the new single by Alan, an alternative pop duo that sets the noblest part of love to music, when the relationship is long-lasting and is supported by the couple's ability to always be able to put the pieces back together, when the daily commitments of adult life are programmed together and you get to accept the other person's defects naturally and with a feeling that continues to animate despite being devoid of the ingenuity and instinctiveness of youth.
New single by Toronto's Julian Bachlow's "This Isn't Over"
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Julian Bachlow - This Isn't Over

Toronto's own, Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer presents his new sigle "This isn't over".
Julian's sound is influenced by 80’s Brit-pop and has meshed in among indie genres of today. Have a listen today...
Montreal's Queen of Soulful Rock Riiver Brukes gets serious with Little Black Book Single
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Riiver Brukes - Little Black Book

The queen is back and she's getting serious this time! Riiver Brukes brings up some serious social issues with her latest single Little Black Book.
"Little Black Book is about your value in a World where we are dispensable. We are literally just a number in a financially driven world. When money and power becomes more important than human beings, it's a big problem guaranteed to be rife with hatred, corruption and abuse.
Female-led power trio ON presents 'Break You' single
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"Break You" - ON -

Toronto indie rockers ON are riled up to share their new 'Break You' single, about which frontwoman LUCY DI SANTO says, "soars like a goodbye love letter to a toxic person, place or substance; it’s a decree of emancipation - and breaking away from what dictates and captures the human soul. It is an outcry, a battle cry, and finally a freedom cry of intention - all wrapped up in a hardcore punk-metal riff that end with Sabbath-esque overtones."
World-class throat singer Qattuu releases first single as a solo artist
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Qattuu - Panikuluuk

Qattuu (pronounced “KAT-suu”) is a singer, throat singer, songwriter, performing artist, and experimental Indigenous expressionist, originally from Pangnirtung, Nunavut, currently living in Ottawa, Ontario.
On January 4, 2023, Qattuu will release her much-anticipated first single as a solo vocalist and throat singer.
The song’s title, Panikuluuk (pronounced “PAH-nee-kulu”) means “little daughter” in Inuktitut, and is an emotional, authentic musical expression of the experience of motherhood.
WLOZ Land Of Oz Radio show coming to 829 Radio Indie
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WLOZ Land Of Oz Radio show

WLOZ Land Of Oz Radio show is a weekly one hour showcase of the best new independent music coming out of Australia. Host Robbie Maroon gives an entertaining insight to each song presented covering all styles and genres.
Listen to WLOZ every Thursday at 5pm Aus EDT.

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